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segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2019

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terça-feira, 7 de março de 2017

Melhores sites para ganhar bitcoins em 2017

Sem duvida as vezes na sede de procuramos a formula secreta para ganhar muitos bitcoins de uma forma fácil nos deparamos com varias furadas na internet, sites que não pagam ou ate mesmo os famosos scam, foram meses e anos de procura para achar sites que realmente funcionam, por isso este blogueiro que vos fala resolveu listar os três melhores sites de 2017 para ganhar seus adorados Bitcoins!
Oferece varias formas de Ganho, por isso encabeça essa lista, ganhos por captcha, loteria, referidos tornam o freeBitcoin o melhor quando falamos em ganhar bitcoins!

Play Bitcoin
Já pensou ganhar bitcoins para realizar pequenas tarefas, o Play Bitcoin pensou e foi o pioneiro da internet nessa area, sem duvidas um segundo lugar merecido!

We Love Bitcoins
Este veio na mesma linha do PB, sua vantagem são seus pagamentos a qualquer hora e dia(Até esta data pelo menos), saques rápidos e alta comissão por indicação!

Bom agora você já tem em mãos o que a de melhor na internet, mãos a obra!

terça-feira, 4 de agosto de 2015

segunda-feira, 3 de agosto de 2015

How To Earn Bitcoin Playing Games

There are a million and two different ways out there to earn bitcoin, from picking up a few Satoshi for filling out captchas on faucet websites, to working a full time job that pays in btc. But all of those things are boring. What you really want is a way to earn yourself some lovely bitcoin whilst doing something which is actually good fun to do. Like playing video games. It may come as a surprise to you to find out just how many different websites and apps there are which include ways for you to earn bitcoin – or earn an internal currency that can be cashed out in bitcoin – whilst playing a fun game. Everything you will find listed on this page is free to play – no deposit needed. I have also taken care to make sure that all of the games are fun to play and, preferably, require some element of skill rather than just straight up luck. As always I welcome suggestions in the comments if you know of anything I’ve missed off these lists, just as long as you don’t spam and only recommend quality.

Sarutobi – SaruTobi is a flying monkey, who you literally use to collect coins which appear on the sreen in this simple but addictive game for the iPhone or other Apple device. This was one of the original games primarily designed to be fun to play with the added bonus that you could withdraw free BTC, and it is still amongst the most popular.

Bitcoin Flapper – (my favorite) An alternative to SaruTobi for Android users is this flying game in which you can challenge your friends to play with your in tournaments, and the winner is rewarded with a BTC prize by the game.

Oh Crop! – This Android game pits you against a plant uprising in an apocalyptic future, and if you get into the top ten scores you earn BTC rewards.

Spark Profit – See investment / market trading games section above for full descriptions – the app is available for both Apple iPhone and Google Android devices and you can earn up to $100 per month playing a simulation of the world’s financial markets.

Top 10 Free Bitcoin Faucets 2015

1. 703 - 70279008 satoshis 
2.  Gift Satoshis 700 - 70.000 satoshis
3. Bitcoinator 1.000 Satoshi
4.  Get Free Bitcoins 1.000 - 25.000 satoshis
5.  We Love Bitcoin 400 - 10.000
6.  Safe Bitcoins 1.000 - 25.000 satoshis
7.  CryptoFree 1.000 satoshis
8. BTC World Faucet 1.000 satoshis
9.  Faucet Star Btc 800 satoshis
10.  Btc Regalado 800 satoshis